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ENGLISH VIP Shows You The Way To Success!

English VIP has been working with a wide range of prestigious institutes and organizations within the past 3 years in 4 different countries to prove the most reliable option as long as you are determined to get a higher IELTS band score by improving your language skills, rather than having the IELTS black market force you to fork out a great deal of money before you realize you have chosen the wrong path.

We Work For You

ENGLISH VIP is founded and developed by a group of highly qualified IELTS Examiners who work both in Australia and Iran.


Our Strategies

We mainly believe in our own Customized Student-Centered approach when it comes to providing the best results.


IELTS Examiners & You

You can have an IELTS Examiner either assess your Speaking or Writing band score, ENGLISH VIP exclusive!


ثبت نام آزمون آیلتس در ترکیه و دبی

Apart from providing world-class education services, our international team is ready to help you register for an IELTS Test across the globe. Especially, for Iranian candidates, we facilitate registeration processes for tests in Turkey, Dubai or Armenia. Generally, we recommend that you take the test in British Council test centers.

ثبت نام

We have 147 successful IELTS TRFs!

Over a period of almost three years working case-by-case with IELTS candidates who were mostly let down by the mainstream service providers in Iran, we now have 147 success stories! Our loyal clients have uploaded their own IELTS Test Report Forms together with the story behind each one in our Facebook group. (LIKE our Facebook page and leave a message to receive an invitation to our "group"!)